Facebook Analytics will close on June 30

The statistics tool Facebook Analytics, performance measurement and interactions in Facebook and Instagram, will no longer be available on June 30, and users will have until then to export CSV files with their data.

As the social network has announced through the page of its help service for companies, those who use Facebook Analytics will have until June 30 to continue accessing reports, exporting charts and tables, and exploring statistics.

Users of the measurement tool will be able to export their data through CSV files that can be saved on your computer, by clicking the arrow at the top right of each data chart or table.

Instead of Analytics, Facebook has placed users who want to access Facebook and Instagram statistics to use other business tools already available.

Among them is Facebook Business Suite, to manage Facebook and Instagram business accounts, which allows you to consult detailed statistics on audience, content and trends.

To this are also added the Facebook ad manager –users can view your campaigns, ad sets, make changes and see the results– and the event manager, to configure and manage Facebook business tools such as the Facebook pixel and the conversions API.


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