Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Facebook admits that it recorded Messenger conversations – La Provincia

Facebookconfirm that you have been usingemployees to listen to user conversations in Messengerwith the aim of improving the transcriptions in the courier service, although it assures that more than a week agostopped doing it.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook has hired hundreds of external workers totranscribe the audiosthat were sent through Messenger, which allowed them to listen to all the conversations that users sent to each other through this messaging service.

Some of the workers who were in charge of it have declared to the media thatthey didn't know why Facebook needed to transcribe those audios, where the recorded thing was stored and how they had been obtained.

In a Facebook statement to Europa Press, the company has assured that "Like Apple and Google, we stopped auditing with humans over a week ago"They affirm that the only objective that this task had was to verify thatthe artificial intelligence systemI interpreted the messages correctly.

Facebook joins Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoftthat, during the last month they have admitted that they also had people hired to transcribe conversations of their users with the aim of improving the quality of voice recognition services and their Artificial Intelligence.

Without identifying users

In addition, from the company they emphasize that only the conversations ofthe users who had selected the option of having their audios transcribed in Messengerand that these were not identifiable, that is, that the identity of the person or persons who had sent them was unknown.

For their part, they also wanted to reaffirm thatthey don't listen to what is said in the microphonesof the devices without convenient permission or explicit activation by the user.

Bloomberg states that one of the companies that has been used for this purpose has been TaskUs Inc., a company that the social network also uses to review content that may violate its policies. In TaskUs statements to Bloomberg, they have confirmed that "Facebook asked TaskUs to pause this work about a week ago."


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