February 26, 2021

Fabrizio Célleri, from Ecuador to Europe passing through Madrid

Fabrizio Celleri debuted today at the Madrid catwalk with the collection "Colorada y Barroca" inspired by his land, Ecuador, in which well-made garments were seen, with a profusion of details, designed to wear at night events.

After parading in New York, Miami, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia or Panama, among other Latin American countries, Fabrizio Célleri, who has twenty-two years of experience, presented his work in Madrid, "with the intention of opening a new market in Europe".

And with that idea, Célleri devised a "performance", in which the models walked through one of the streets of the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca and then posed in the club, "The Craft", where it could be seen up close, in more detail in thirty models.

Célleri has a job, she knows sewing and sells showy garments, in which she mixes different textures, most of them for women to see at night in events and red carpets: "I love sophistication".

Among the proposals, skinny trousers and straight with high waist, pieces that combine with "top" or embroidered bodies with glass beads and feathers.

Brocades, Chantilly lace, gauze or cotton are some of the fabrics that work and that together with other prints with tribal features, "animal print" or tiny flowers.

The collection for spring-summer 2020 is "casual-chic" according to the designer's own qualification, but the garments do not show that sporty air of which this Ecuadorian speaks, but a seam to attend weddings and events.

Fabrizio Célleri considers that his work "is not couture like that of Valentino", but recognizes that there is an important artisanal process in it, "he would frame it in that new concept called prêt-à-couture".

This designer, who loves the designs of the Spanish firm Delpozo, remembers that when he started in fashion there was no figure of the stylist, and nowadays he believes that is an essential piece in the fashion industry. "They have a special gift for mixing and assembling new styles, they always add up and help the designer a lot".

For now, after his presentation in Madrid, he intends to work with tailor-made sewing, "at the request of my clients", and dreams of having a space in the Ekseption store: "es divina".

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