Fabio Blanco, the new Barça bet for his 'Dream Teen'

Barça Y Madrid they fought in summer with half of Europe for Fabio Blanco. Valencia saw in this 17-year-old forward, fast, versatile and overflowing, his new Ferran torres. But the young man from Almeria, who had just finished his contract, decided to head to the Bundesliga, accepting the offer from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Things did not go as expected. The change in sports direction led him to ostracism, playing only in the U19 and without even making his debut with the first team. And now he will undertake the reverse path that Yusuf demir. If the Austrian midfielder will leave Barcelona half a year after his arrival to return to the Bundesliga, with Eintracht as one of the suitors, Fabio will dress as a Barça player in search of the opportunity he did not have in Germany.

Until 2024 and affiliate file

Partner of Gavi in lower categories, shares a representation agency with Ferran Torres and Pedri (Leaderbrock). The player will arrive in Barcelona to reinforce the subsidiary of Sergi Barjuan, but aware that the elevator to the Camp Nou is more active than ever. He will sign for two and a half years and for a price "almost zero", explain sources close to the negotiations. Of course, with variables in case the player has a record from the first team and joins the 'Dream Teen'.


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