F1: Norris and what will happen to Sainz if they fight for a position

British driver Lando Norris, of the McLaren team, stressed on Thursday that there is "very good understanding" between him and the Spanish Carlos Sainz, although he has admitted that the Formula 1 World Championship may get "more tense" within his team. if they both fight for the same goals. “We don't have team orders, but we have a very good understanding of each other for our best mutual interest and for ourselves. Also for the team and what we want to achieve with the team. And for that to happen, the best thing is to do what we did last year, "said Norris in 'Beyond The Grid', the official F1 podcast.

"Without working as we did last year, having our own principles with mutual respect and trying to help each other to be a team, we would not have finished fourth in the Constructors' World Championship," said the Briton during his interview.

"Many of his good results were for my help and obviously many of my good results were for his help, so we have worked very well together and I think it has been very beneficial for both of us"He insisted on the matter. "I know that at some point in the future, and this year, the matter will become more tense and everything will be more in suspense," he said. "We probably collide several times in terms of getting frustrated with each other, if he holds me ... or if I hold him or something. Not on purpose, because I don't think we will get that far ", he clarified. "But if you lose a position in the middle of the race or you are next to each other and you press it, then either he or I have to get off the track ... You will always have something like that and someone will get upset about it," he concluded. Norris.


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