May 13, 2021

Extremoduro warns: "No comprised resale tickets, there may be more concerts" – La Provincia

The dissolution of Extreme has caused his next and last tour has become a resounding success. Consequently, the tickets for the different events that the band has programmed throughout Spain have sold out in a matter of hours. As expected, this has caused prices to skyrocket in the resale market, something that the band has ruled against.

"Do not buy tickets on the Resale Webs" begins by saying the statement that has been made public on the group's online site. According to Extremoduro, they are working "whole host" to find a solution which has been for them an unexpected demand for tickets.

As explained in the text, two possibilities are currently being considered. The first passes for sale 10% of the capacity that the group had reserved for logistics issues and that they didn't think it would be required to host more attendees.

The second possibility posed by the group, although it still cannot be confirmed that it will happen, is do more concerts than you have so far scheduled. "What we can promise you that we will try so that all who want it, you can see us, and we you," said the band.

Extremoduro has described his farewell tour as "the most exciting of our life" and has taken the opportunity to thank his fans for the excellent response they have shown.


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