August 4, 2020

Extremadura's commitment to education, example for the Canary Islands – La Provincia

"The data does not deceive, Estremadura, the autonomous community with the worst social and economic conditions of the Spanish state has managed, in two decades, to improve in all educational parameters. " Platform for 5% in Education about the evolution of 19 educational indicators in the last 20 years, in which it is shown that Extremadura, "starting from a social and economic context worse than that of Canary Islands, improves and surpasses us in 14 of the 19 indicators ".

On the causes of this advance they assure that they are multiple. "For the data that we know, there are two that we consider key: a notable and sustained increase in the means (financing, teaching staff, schooling 0-3 years) and a commitment decided by the public education".

Among others, Extremadura advances the Canary Islands in indicators as significant as the following: public expenditure per student (827 euros more), teaching staff per thousand students (22 more teachers), schooling for children under 3 years (9% more), rate of suitability at 15 years (4% more), graduation rate at ESO (8% more) and schooling rate at 17 years (4% more).

"Extremadura has not only largely overcome the Canary Islands but has also overcome the educational gap that separated it from the rest of the Autonomous Communities. It is paradoxical that the community with the lowest income per capita in the State, be the one with the greatest financial effort with their education. several years, it allocates more than 5% of its GDP (5.4% today), demonstrating that it is its priority. "

They say that in order to support this political will to boost education, Extremadura has been applying a taxation that is much more responsible and progressive than that of the Canary Islands. In 2019, the tax contribution to the budget of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura was 3 points above the Canary Islands. That, without taking into account transfers from the state and other income, allowed him to raise 1,409 million euros more than us in 2019.

"And here is one of the keys to the permanent social delay of the Canary Islands. Clavijo's government, demagogically and irresponsibly, made two consecutive tax cuts in the years of 2018 and 2019 that have been able to represent a decrease in income exceeding 300 million euros, all with the aggravating fact that 7.2% of the fiscal contribution to the Canary Islands budget in 2019 puts us at the tail of Spain, representing a loss of 1,363 million euros in revenue compared to the average of Autonomous communities that stand at 10.1%, "and add that" to recover our public services from cuts and historical ballasts, we must act with justice and courage in taxation, making it more effective, progressive and diverse ".

The Platform advocates that the Canary Islands accelerate its process of educational improvement to close the growing educational gap that separates it more and more from the whole of Spain, approach the standards of resources and results of the rest of communities and offer our youth the training that deserves and A decent work future. They add that, studying the keys of the Extremadura improvement can give us coordinates to trace a suitable course.

"The previous two years, the Parliament of the Canary Islands approved majority proposals to increase educational budgets up to 4% of GDP. The previous government and its parliamentary support denied them in its Budget Laws. We hope that the third time is the expired one. The Canary Islands Government has the opportunity to demonstrate that it fulfills its programmatic commitments and the Canary Islands Education Law. Any increase that falls below that objective would be a real disappointment. "

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