January 21, 2021

Extremadura farmers threaten protests in front of Pablo Iglesias’ house

The second vice-president of the Government encouraged farmers and farmers to “continue tightening” with the mobilizations

The president of Apag Extremadura Asaja, Juan Metidieri, has announced that the next mobilization that they will carry out in defense of the Extremaduran agricultural sector will be in the house of the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda, Pablo Iglesias, to see if “being close” gives “solutions”.

“We planned to give ourselves some time to see how the meetings that are convened by the different ministries are going, whether it be Agriculture, Labor or even Economy, but as it seems that Pablo Iglesias is so interested in continuing to press with the mobilizations, possibly we must go to his house and approach there directly and do an act of protest, ”he said.

A mobilization that will have the objective of “seeing” if “being near” Iglesias “begins to give solutions” is already “The main person in charge to begin to give those solutions and to summon the different ministries”Metidieri continued in statements to Europa Press Television.

In addition, the president of Apag has considered that if on the past 18 they cut twelve roads, something that – he said – “was quite difficult”, this protest “could possibly” be done “with some comfort” and added that in a urbanization like the one that Iglesias lives “is easier to get the claims there near your own home.” “Just as he is so interested that we continue to claim and bring those claims to him, because what better place have we thought of than the urbanization where he has his villa,” he said.

Similarly, Metidieri has been “upset” with the second vice president of the Government for the “inelegant gesture” of calling out the first meeting that the agrarian organizations had with the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, since they have “much to say ”

In addition, it has valued that “it favors very little” to the situation of the agricultural sector the “solution” of “reducing the peonads from 35 to 20”. Finally, he pointed out that there is still no date for the concentration in front of the house of Iglesias because they have to “establish” and that “obviously” they will try to come to this protest “all agricultural organizations.” Ep


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