June 21, 2021

Extremadura farmers expose their harvesting problems to the king

The king has held a videoconference this Thursday with representatives of Extremadura farmers and ranchers, who have explained the problems that the situation caused by the coronavirus will have in harvesting crops.

Felipe VI has spoken from his office at the Palacio de la Zarzuela with those responsible for the Extremadura Agricultural Advisory Council.

Specifically, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Junta de Extremadura, Begoña García, participated in the videoconference; the president of APAG Extremadura Asaja, Juan Metidieri Izquierdo; that of Asaja Extremadura, Ángel García Blanco, and the general secretary of UPA-UCE Extremadura, Ignacio Huertas de la Peña.

All of them have agreed that the agrarian and livestock sector was already very affected and mobilized before the health crisis.

According to Zarzuela, they have stressed that they are a fundamental part of the supply chain and that, predictably, they will notice the loss of work in harvesting the crops.

In addition, they have exposed that there are already difficulties in some areas such as fruit, asparagus, auxiliary work in livestock and the beekeeping sector, to find personnel due to transport difficulties and the need for low occupancy of vehicles.

Also for the prevention that some workers have to leave to avoid risks of contagion.

The representatives of farmers and ranchers have also commented that they have had to adapt to the variation in consumption patterns, especially due to the closure of restaurants and hotels and that it is also conditioning wine sales.

The agricultural sector is key in terms of generating employment and wealth for Extremadura, since it has 1,423 companies with a sales volume close to 2,200 million euros, 40.4 percent of the total for the manufacturing sector in Extremadura.


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