Extremadura ensures that the Navalmoral COVID-19 outbreak is controlled

The second vice president and councilor from Extremadura for Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, has stated that the COVID-19 outbreak that arose in Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres) "is under control", while also assuring that "there are no news "on the whereabouts of" patient 0 ", on whom a search order weighs.

Vergeles has made these statements at the Virgen del Puerto de Plasencia Hospital (Cáceres) after collecting the invasive respirator donated by Banco Santander to Extremadura and which will be installed in the hospital center in the capital of Jerte.

The origin of the Navalmoral outbreak was caused by a person who arrived in this town on May 24 from Almería, within the framework of the humanitarian care and international protection program under the Secretariat of State for Migration of the Government of Spain.

In a press conference, Vergeles has detailed that there are currently 20 positive people and that one of them remains admitted to the Moravian hospital.

He has also ensured that it is not an outbreak that at this time worries the Government of Spain "and that means that intense and very important work has been done from the direction of the Health Area of ​​Navalmoral and from the General Directorate of Public Health" .

"Although the Government of Spain is not concerned, we are and that is why at this moment we are already carrying out controls to start registering, so that if we are able to register, the outbreak will subside," said Vergeles.

The counselor has insisted that an important circumstance is that there has been no uncontrolled community transmission, which is why no exceptional measure has been taken other than monitoring compliance with the safety distance, the use of masks and the confinement of these people.

"We have not had to rescale, nor have we confined Navalmoral because it was not necessary and because our trackers have been very efficient in handling the contacts," he added.

In this sense, he assured that in the case of Navalmoral 67 studies have been made in the total outbreak, "knowing that many of them were going to be negative, but here we must go with forceful measures every time an outbreak appears."

Vergeles has emphasized that Extremaduran society "must know that we are in the new normal and that the normal thing now is for us to have outbreaks, so we have to get used to living with them until there is a vaccine."

He has also asked Extremadurans to be "cautious" and not to do "outrageous", while thanking the public "for being very cautious, something that has allowed us to comply with the phases of de-escalation."


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