Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Exteriors hopes to repatriate 5,000 Spanish tourists between now and the weekend

Spain plans repatriate 5,000 Spaniards who are abroad when the coronavirus crisis erupted and they have not had a chance to return on their own. The operations for the repatriation of these Spaniards will be carried out from today until the weekend, as reported, at a press conference in La Moncloa, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya.

The intended device provides 11 flights, mainly with Latin AmericaAccording to the director general of consular affairs, Juan Duarte, among which are one with Bogotá, two with Peru, two from Ecuador, two others from Argentina, one that would depart from the Dominican Republic and another from Uruguay.

European Mechanism

Tourists in Central America will be repatriated in a European operation

Furthermore, Spain is working on a European joint operation to repatriate Spaniards from Central America, mainly Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These 5,000 Spaniards would join the 1,200 who returned to Spain last weekend. In total it is considered that there are 11,000 Spaniards trying to return to Spain.

For the repatriation of all of them, the Government of Spain is prioritizing commercial solutions, that is to say, it negotiates with the airlines the freight of airplanes so that they make special repatriation flights, at the same time that it has contacts with the authorities of each country to guarantee that those flights can arrive and take off later. For the countries in which there are more problems, Spain works with other European countries, within the so-called European Civil Protection Mechanism, whereby a country of the Union charter a plane, but has to accommodate members from other countries, since part of its financing is community. Only in the latter case would military flights from Spain be activated

Southeast Asian

The Government is also looking for formulas for tourists who are in Southeast Asia

In addition to Latin America, the Government, according to the minister, is making efforts to repatriate the Spaniards who are in the Southeast Asian, especially Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, so they can return. In India there are also 400 touristsAccording to the minister, with whom the Cervantes Institute of New Delhi is in permanent contact and has been enabled, so that those who do not have the possibility of continuing to pay for their accommodation can stay overnight. The minister trusts that a part of them can return to Spain shortly.

Furthermore, the Government is seeking solutions for the 40,000 foreign tourists still in Spain and that they have not been able to return to their countries. Specifically, exteriors maintains contacts with the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Nordic countries, the United States and Canada, to order the departure of these tourists, although the minister assured that they will keep the accommodations open while they are not given a return solution.

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