Expo 2020 in Dubai, hope in an event threatened by covid again

Dubai, Feb 3 (EFE) .- The construction of the Universal Exposition complex, which was to begin in Dubai last October and which was delayed to this year due to COVID-19, continues its course in an enclosure that is already beginning to have shape and color, although its celebration is still threatened by the pandemic.

Cone-shaped pavilions, like the one in Spain, oval or square. The different geometric shapes give an image of hope to the venue, but few are finished.

“We are very optimistic and we think we are at the stage where we hope there will be a lot of participation this year and something where we can ensure the health and safety of every person who comes here, and also create something meaningful, impactful and interesting. for the world ”, the Vice President of Communication for Expo 2020, Mohamed al Ansaari, told Efe from the venue in Dubai.


The United Arab Emirates asked the International Exhibition Bureau (BIE) that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Expo be held between October 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022, which was also supported by the Executive Committee, made up of twelve countries.

Dubai still promises that Expo 2020, which maintains its name despite the change in dates, will be a "once in a lifetime experience," says Al Ansaari.

Although the Emirates is one of the countries with the highest percentage in the world in the administration of vaccines against the coronavirus, it has not yet officially ruled on the celebration of the event, since there are also several obstacles in the logistics process, such as the arrival of materials or the displacement of labor.

“The dynamics in the world are different today and we have to really work with what is happening in the world today. We have to be positive and keep working. And of course there are guidelines, there are rules and we are governed by the BIE ”, emphasizes the Emirati official.

So far, around 190 countries have confirmed their attendance at an event that will have three thematic zones: Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility.

With the slogan "Connecting minds, building the future", Dubai expects to receive 25 million visitors, 11 million of them foreigners, and to obtain an income of about 30,000 million euros (about 32,600 million dollars), but the numbers may be far from estimates.


The restrictions continue in the enclosure, where you can only take photographs in the allowed places, in an exhibition for which very few countries have managed to finish their projects, at least abroad.

Among them is the United States pavilion, designed to showcase the country's technological advancement and featuring a replica of the Falcon 9.

In total there are 3,344 square meters of pavilion covered with stars and with the color silver on the outside under the motto "Life, freedom and search for the future".

A moving walkway will communicate the four important exhibits of the pavilion, whose exterior was completed in November 2020, although the interior is still under construction.

Meanwhile, the human spirit through diversity is the key to the Portuguese pavilion, which stands out as a theme "One world in one country" and which with a balcony with typical tiles of the country looks towards the Sustainability area, although its building.

So far, the Emirates has not reported what this great event will be like, which will last six months and will be held after the Tokyo Olympics.

"We believe we have a balance between health and safety to offer something exceptional," concludes Al Ansaari.

By Omnia Al Desoukie


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