September 22, 2020

Explanations of the noise of marbles of children’s spirits

In May 2019 I went to the call of Daisy flower. This 37-year-old woman was very worried because her 10-year-old daughter said she was listening ghosts in his house. Restless to respond to fears of the girl, he took her to a psychologist from the center of Madrid for me to examine. But Lucia was fine. Scared, but fine. During the night, I used to listen steps approaching his bedroom and then I heard as if someone dropped some marbles on the floor of the upper floor. But there are no children upstairs! – hurries to indicate Margarita. In addition, the “marbles” sounded at the most unexpected hours of the night: at 12, 1 or 2 in the morning … What children were going to play the “marbles” at that time without receiving the reprimand of their parents ?

Thus, Lucia began to have terrible dreams, of spirits of children chasing her. Was it a product of his imagination?

“Our past memories can lead us to listen to things that may be in the depths of our memory” – explains the Madrid psychologist Lorena Ortiz. In his opinion, the suggestion keep an intimate relationship with the memory auditory But, I say, a 10-year-old girl “little suggestion” may have. The cinema or podcasts are just reaching their young ears. I have no doubt that your stimuli are real. As a child, I heard that annoying noise and others of difficult explanation that kept me awake in countless nights, eager to explain what was happening. How many of you have not happened?

According to a study of Statistics National Institute, (INE in Spain), 15.9% of households in Spain suffer noise from neighbors or the street. We usually hear our neighbors while taking a shower or making love. Neighborhood disputes and conflicts are also the order of the day, which shows that Spanish homes are a strain of noise. So cruel is noise pollution. But, to explain the origin of Lucia’s fears, it is not necessary a parapsychologist but a builder specialized in insulation. I explain.

In Spain, a study of Green building council (GBCe) and the Conama Foundation He points out that there are 2.2 million homes in poor condition. Houses built before 1980 (that is, 54% of those erected in Spain) have deficiencies in their structures or have not been well executed. This is the case of Margarita y Lucía’s house, a building from the 60s in a working-class neighborhood of Madrid. Thus, Lucia’s annoying “marbles” noise could be due to the call «Water hammer» or «Zhukowski pulse».

This is the name with which physics has christened this curious noise caused by the overpressure that is displaced by a pipeline when you turn off the tap. When closing the valve, the water keeps moving towards the exit generating a vacuum behind and causing the contained air to expand towards the edges of the pipe, in the opposite direction to the pressure. This is what causes the tremor of the pipes generating that peculiar sound.

Therefore, it is not a question of children’s ghosts but of structural sounds, of the walls, of the pillars, of the slab, which act as a transmission belt. A dragged chair can sound like a violin, pipes like marbles, cracks can sound like regrets. However, most of us interpret the “reality” according to our knowledge and experiences and try to provide any meaning that is adapted to our known cognitive categories sometimes stimulated by our fears or our imagination.

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