October 30, 2020

explain why you will return to Formula 1 to win the third title

The Spanish driver reveals his plans to return to the great automobile circus

Fernando Alonso stops giving clues and says it for sure. You will return to Formula-1. He says in an interview that this month he will publish the F-1 Racing magazine. “Fernando Alonsos is clearly a very patient man. Even at the age of 38, he is prepared to play with time, waiting for the right opportunity to return to Formula 1 and claim the title of the third world championship that deserves his talent (but not always his circumstances), ”says the magazine in the presentation.

These days there has been much talk about Honda’s refusal to compete in Indianapolis and Red Bull’s refusal to count on him for simply being old. They think in the team that 38 years are many for a team that is committed to young people.

F1 Racing advances when Fernando Alonso has to return: “He believes that 2021 will present that opportunity, when new rules designed to transform F1 into a more even competition come into effect”, He says and adds that competing in the Dakar, for example, has made him stronger.

“He is a man who craves success at the highest level. That is why he yearns to return to the grand prix races. And, as Fernando explains, he believes he is still the best driver to defeat the current F1 champion, Lewis Halmilton, who already identified his weaknesses. ”


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