Experts reiterate that there is no profile of victims of sexist violence

Experts reiterate that there is no profile of victims of sexist violence

The victims of sexist violence can be of any age and social and economic condition, so it is necessary to break with stereotypes regarding women who are killed or subjected to episodes of mistreatment at the hands of their husbands or partners.

This is one of the ideas presented in the XXXIII Coordination Days of Defenders of the People of Spain, which are held between now and tomorrow in Alicante and which addresses the care received by women and minors victims of sexist violence.

This meeting, organized this year by the Síndic de Greuges de la Comunitat Valenciana, was inaugurated by the Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán; the President of Les Corts, Enric Morera, and the Síndic de Greuges of the Comunitat Valenciana, José Cholbi.

The president of the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), María Ángeles Carmona, gave the inaugural lecture, entitled "The challenges of the State pact against gender violence".

In his speech and also in subsequent statements to journalists, Carmona has insisted on the need to break with the stereotypes of both the victims of sexist violence and the abusers.

"There is no profile of the victims of sexist violence", as they can be women of any age and social and economic status, said Carmona, who pointed out that it is not true either that most of the abusers are foreigners .

"They are false myths", underlined Carmona, who has indicated that the victims of sexist violence are not necessarily attractive.

"Nobody is born a machista, you learn" if you experience such attitudes from a young age in the home because they are repeated, Carmona said, for whom education for equality in the family is vital.

It has also pointed out that 52 percent of the women murdered with previous complaints had lived with their abuser and considered a "pending issue" in Spain the programs of reeducation of the abusers, but has assured that they are effective.

Carmona has recommended the use of electronic devices for women who have suffered episodes of mistreatment at the hands of their partners because it is a factor of protection for them and an element to deter abusers.

In addition, he has defended a plan for the effectiveness of the orders of protection, especially of restraining orders, while specifying that, according to reports, many cases of sexist violence occur in populations with less than 100,000 inhabitants and in force. in 74 percent the affective relationship between the victim and the abuser.

Likewise, he has considered it fundamental that the relatives, friends and companions of the environment of a woman who is subject to sexist violence support them and denounce their situation.

For its part, the Ombudsman has exposed to the media that gender violence is a problem that exists in Western Europe, with an intensity in our environment after recent cases in Andalusia, the Basque Country and "extreme" in Castellón

He also pointed out that it is convenient to reflect and correct the procedural flaws that, according to "we have heard comment", are detected in the field of sexist violence.

In turn, the member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (UN) Jorge Cardona has opined that minors victims of sexist violence have been "the great forgotten" and are "used in the framework" of the episodes of this scourge.

It has revealed that episodes of gender violence are detected in girls who are victims between 15 and 16 years old by their partners over 18 years.

It is foreseen that in the morning session, with which this meeting will conclude, a round table will be held in which representatives of different ombudsmen will participate to share the conclusions drawn and, in this way, agree on a joint statement.

This declaration of the ombudsmen will be transferred to the different administrations involved to achieve greater protection and better attention to each of the victims of sexist violence.


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