Experts propose to Health a harder COVID traffic light that again limits the hours of the hospitality industry

The Alerts Report of the Ministry of Health has raised a new COVID traffic light to the Public Health Commission, in which all the general directors of Public Health of the communities and the department directed by Carolina Darias are represented. The text tightens the restrictions on hospitality at the medium alert level. That is, it advances the taking of measures in a context of rising infections.

If the initial document – returned due to discrepancies to the technicians a week ago – proposed in this stage that the hourly limitation of the hospitality industry be “valued”, the one that will be debated this Tuesday in the Commission proposes the closure of the bars at 11:00 p.m. and at 1.00 of the nightlife, as advanced by Voz Populi and has confirmed

The first proposal, which some communities such as Madrid or Galicia no longer liked, was more lax: it recommended reducing the capacity to 50% -or 75% if the use of a mask was guaranteed- and a maximum of 15 diners together indoors. . Now the closing time is incorporated and the limit of the groups is reduced to ten.

With current data, Spain is at a medium alert level in terms of incidence. It stands at 132 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. However, the average care pressure is outside level 2 thanks to the effect of vaccination. However, if the document is finally approved this Tuesday, it would be necessary to analyze territory by territory to assess in which stage they are. Aragon and Catalonia are, a priori, the communities with the most complicated situation.

Therefore, for the new traffic light to be formally approved, it must receive the go-ahead from the Public Health Commission. Afterwards, it is the autonomous governments who decide whether to apply it or not, since the restrictions associated with each level of risk are not binding, but rather recommendations.


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