Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Experts from the Bank of Spain will explain their report on Popular in February

The two experts assigned by the Bank of Spain to the cause that investigates the former managers of the Popular Bank will appear before the National Court in the week of February 10 to 14, 2020, in order to present to the parties the conclusions of the report provided last april.

In the ruling known on Thursday, the head of the central Court of Instruction number 4, José Luis Calama, allows five days for the interrogation of the experts Santiago Ruiz-Clavijo and Pablo Hernández, who in their work ruled out that the entity was unfeasible in the 2016 capital increase.

However, both warned that during the presidency of Ángel Ron the accounts "did not respect" certain aspects of the regulations and included appraisals made by companies not registered in the regulator, and called attention to the fact that the audit report of the 2015 accounts did not notice it.

Regarding the capital increase undertaken in the spring of 2016, still with Ron in front and in which securities for 2.5 billion euros were subscribed, judicial experts maintained that "regardless of other possible provision deficits" the amount would have been due Be older to achieve your goals.

An issue recently referred to by the bank's later president, Emilio Saracho, who in his statement before the magistrate last week said that the amount of the operation had been "very short", to the point that only the Losses for that year were higher.

The case, initiated in October 2017, consists of two separate pieces, the first for the expansion, and the second for a possible manipulation of the market after the publication of news with allegedly false data to bring down the value of the shares, already the 108 days of management of Saracho.

Exculpulas aside, the procedure is also directed against the rest of the members of the last two boards of directors, the PwC firm and the audit partner of the Popular accounts, who must also testify before Judge Calama for alleged corporate falsehood and unfair administration , among other crimes.

After the summons this week of the former vice president of the entity during the stage of Ron Roberto Higuera, the next to move to the National Court will be the former CEO Francisco Gómez, whom Saracho pointed out for allegedly giving express instructions to place the expansion among its clients, which in practice meant financing it with bank money.

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