June 14, 2021

Experts do not advise using serological certificates as proof of immunity

Experts from the Spanish Society for Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene consider that it is not possible to recommend the use of a serological status certificate as valid proof of immunity or of overcoming coronavirus disease and absence of contagiosity.

They justify it in the “lack of clear scientific evidence” of the basic elements that would define these concepts, as well as in the risk that their use favored the transmission of the virus, they point out in a positioning document on “Serological Status Certificates”.

The document is made public after this Monday the Ministry of Health and the Carlos III Health Institute, in collaboration with the autonomous communities, launched the seroprevalence study to find out the percentage of the Spanish population that has developed antibodies against the new coronavirus.

This information, according to Health, will facilitate understanding of the effect of the pandemic on the Spanish population and that it will be important for public health decision-making in the face of de-escalation.

Specialists in Preventive Medicine and Public Health specify that “in a situation such as the current one, it is not possible to rule out, clearly and without a deep analysis, measures of an important significance such as the serological status certificate”.

But “only once sufficient scientific evidence is available in this regard and is technically possible, the measure can be assessed for its application in the health and socio-health field,” they say.

With regard to the labor sphere and with regard to the international transit of persons, experts believe that the application of this measure should be analyzed based on the various legal frameworks.

Another of the arguments put forward is that the main elements on immunity against SARS-CoV-2 are unknown, that is, the key antibodies in the long-term defense against the disease, if they are protective, neutralizing, their duration , as well as other determining aspects. “


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