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Expelled, nominated and best moments Gala 2

‘OT 2018’: Expulsado, nominados y mejores momentos Gala 2

The Academy from Triumph operation does not rest and, how could it be otherwise, the format has returned to Spanish Television with the Gala 2. An evening marked by first expulsion of the edition, the technical problems in sound and the new nominees who will fight to stay another week in the program. Without a doubt, a very hard night for Alfonso and Sabela, the nominees, which has faced for the first time the verdict of the spectators.

As every Wednesday, Roberto Leal he has also communicated the new favorite contestant of the week that was saved from the nomination. And there have been no surprise guests … Mimi, now known as Lola Indigo, has returned to the stage of Triumph operation to perform their first live single.

Do not miss the Best moments of the Gala 2 from OT 2018!

'OT 2018': The contestants give the kick-off to the Gala 2 with a new group performance

'OT 2018': The contestants give the kick-off to the Gala 2 with a new group performance

Group performance

We are already used to the gala of Triumph operation start with the classic group performance with which the contestants begin to make contact with the stage. A difficult performance to classify and more when they are still so many artists on the stage. On this occasion, the students of the Academy have interpreted Nice is, the classic theme of The Singles. Another thing not but the participants of OT 2018 have made the set of Spanish Television. Balloons included!

Alfonso tries to thrill with a ballad

The first ones to go on stage have been the first nominees of OT 2018. In this case, Alfonso has been in charge of breaking the ice starring the first performance of the evening to try to escape the expulsion risk with a ballad. And is that the contestant was clear … I wanted to surprise the jury and excite the viewers of the format.

The election of Alfonso to defend his stay at the Academy has been a version of all of Me from John Legend in which he has mixed the original English language of the subject with a Spanish version. A detail that did not like anything to Manu Guix as he has expressed through his Twitter profile. However, the nominee chose to defend the issue in his own way …

Sabela opts for Galician

Sabela has been the second to go on stage to get saved from the first nomination from Operation Triunfo 2018. He has done it to interpret a very personal song sung in Galician. Undoubtedly, a great choice by the nominee that we have seen how one hundred percent lived the beautiful ballad entitled Blessed Feridas. An imperfect but beautiful performance with which he has managed to cross the screen.

Lola Indigo puts the set upside down

Without a doubt, the momentazo of the Gala 2 from Operation Triunfo 2018 it has been when Mimi, former contestant of OT 2017, has returned to the stage of the Spanish Television format. The artist, now better known by the stage name of Lola Indigo, has interpreted live I do not want to, his first single, with which he has given a surprising show with his team of dancers who accompany him in all his performances.

We remember that Mimi was the First expelled from OT 2017 but now it has become one of the triunfitas What is more giving than talking abroad. And it has already become a platinum record with the single that has defended perfectly tonight. Awesome!

Sound problems

If one thing we have to highlight of the second gala of OT 2018 have been the constant sound problems that have been lived throughout the evening. Some problems that have been noticed in social networks because Many netizens have decided to express their dissatisfaction for having to suffer such problems in a musical contest.

There have been so many comments that even Tinet Rubira, director of Gestmusic Endemol Shine Group, wanted to justify himself through his profile of Twitter. According to the manager, it seems that it could be a problem of emission … Whatever it may have been, disastrous moments. A shame…

Alfonso, first expelled from OT 2018

At the end of the duets of the Gala 2 from OT 2018Roberto Leal has asked the envelope to one of his stage companions to communicate to the spectators who became the first expelled from the edition. For it, Alfonso and Sabela they have stood up to know the verdict of the spectators that we remember are the ones in charge of saving one of the participants through their calls.

After a few minutes of tension, the Sevillian presenter opened the envelope to transmit the name of the participant who managed to stay one more week in the Academy. Sabela has been the lucky one! In this way, Alfonso has become the first expelled from Operación Triunfo 2018.

Natalia becomes the favorite of the week

After the hard farewell of Alfonso, the moment of truth has arrived. The contestants had to get in front of the jury to know the proposals to leave the Academy but before we met the new favorite of the edition I managed to save myself from the nominations. Natalia, Alba and Julia They have been the three most voted but finally, finally, Roberto Leal has exclaimed the name of Natalia who has passed the catwalk one more week.

Gala 2

Natalia becomes the new favorite and is saved from the expulsion

Julia and Alba have been the two most voted contestants with the pamplonica

The salvations

Joan, Maria, Africa and Dave it has been the four indicated by the jury to leave the Academy next week. But as always the two saves of the night were missing. In the first place, Roberto has connected with the Academy where Noemí has ​​communicated the decision of the faculty: "We can only save one of you and we are going to save a person that we believe has something innate, something that can not be explained … María! " The Madrilenian crosses the catwalk!

The time has come for the salvation of the Academy in which we have lived a tie at 5 points between Joan and Dave. Natalia, the favorite of the week, has been in charge of breaking the tie by doubling her score … Joan is saved once again thanks to her colleagues!

OT 2018

Africa and Dave become the nominees of Gala 2

In this way, we have met the new nominees of the third week of Operation Triunfo 2018. Africa and Dave they will have to face the verdict of the jury in order to keep their place in the Academy for another week. For this they will be able to select a theme to interpret next Wednesday in the Gala 3 and trust the followers of the format.

Undoubtedly, Africa's reaction has been very different from Dave's. While the contestant has been very disappointed with the decision of the jury, Dave has expressed that he deserved the touch of attention more than any of his colleagues. We'll see what happens next week …


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