Expelled from the diocese of Astorga a priest accused of pedophilia | Society

Expelled from the diocese of Astorga a priest accused of pedophilia | Society

The bishopric of Astorga issued a note Tuesday announcing that today, the priest José Manuel Ramos Gordón, will begin to comply with the sentence imposed for abuse of minors in a monastery outside the diocese of Astorga. "The priest filed an appeal for reconsideration before the bishop against the criminal decree in September obtaining a negative response. After having expressed his intention not to exercise the right to appeal to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and once the time provided by law has elapsed, the case has become res judicata, "they explain.

Ramos Gordón was suspended by the Vatican after the accusations of sexual abuse in the school Juan XIII of Puebla de Sanabria (Zamora) between 1981 and 1984 and previously in the seminary of La Bañeza (León) 30 years ago.

The Bishop of Astorga, Juan Antonio Menéndez, who is now the president of a commission created in the Spanish Catholic Church to combat pedophiliaIn his day, he assessed the sentence imposed on Ramos as "very harsh" and explained that he did not expel him from the diocese, as requested, because the crime was committed 30 years ago "and in his practice of the subsequent profession there have been no problems".

To a monastery

Now, after multiple reports of pedophilia in Spain, and when Pope Francis has called to act with force, This imposed punishment will be fulfilled: prohibition of the exercise of the priestly ministry in public and reside ten years in a monastery or convent outside the diocese of Astorga. His crimes had already been prescribed.

On the priest Ángel Sánchez Cao, also investigated in his day for alleged crimes of abuse of minors committed in the year 1980 in the seminary of La Bañeza, the note informs that they have received "recently founded news about another alleged abuse of the priest to a minor on the same date and place, so a preliminary investigation has been ordered to clarify the facts. " Meanwhile, Sánchez Cao has been "separated from the parishes and from the public exercise of the ministry" and has been prohibited from "maintaining contact with minors and the alleged victim." Precautionary measures, they say, to guarantee the freedom and good development of the investigation.


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