August 8, 2020

Expelled from the Army the military man of La Manada

The military man of La Manada, Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo, condemned for the sexual abuse committed against a young woman in the Sanfermines of 2016, has caused a loss in the Armed Forces. Defense has made public a press release in which reports the dismissal of the Army soldier in which he explains that currently was administratively attached to the Subdelegation of Defense of Seville in the active service situation without possibility of assignment of destination.

The note informs that "by virtue of Judgment nº 38/2018 of March 20 of the Provincial Court of Navarre, and in application of article 10.2 of Law 8/2006, of April 24, of Troop and Mariner, modified by the fourth final provision of the Organic Law 8/2008 of December 4, Armed Forces Disciplinary Regime, an administrative file was opened for a conviction for an intentional crime that has been resolved with the resolution of the commitment it had acquired with the Armed Forces until the age of 45 and the loss of his military status. This is established in Resolution 562/1849/18 of October 19 published in the Official Defense Bulletin (BOD) on October 25 ».

The note recalls that "initially, from the moment that the procedural situation was known after the commission of the crime, the soldier Cabezuelo happened to the situation of suspense in functions, fact that does not entail the cessation of their membership in the Armed Forces. Once granted by the Second Section of the Provincial Court immediate freedom, and in accordance with the imperative of Article 111.2 of Law 39/2007, of November 19, of the Military Career, had to be decreed his move to the service situation active. By virtue of article 111.3 of the same Law, the prohibition of obtaining destination was agreed by the competent bodies ».


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