July 9, 2020

Expectation among Spanish activists before Greta's arrival in Spain

Emotion and expectation are part of the feeling that invades the Spanish activists who are part of the Fridays For Future movement a few hours after the young Swedish woman Greta Thunberg arrives at Madrid's Chamartín station, after her 21-day catamaran journey to attend the Climate Summit

Thunberg, which sailed from Salt Ponds, in Virginia (USA), on November 13, has set foot on Portuguese soil and from there will travel to Madrid to participate in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25 ), which started yesterday in the capital.

Everything indicates that tomorrow, Wednesday, Thunberg will arrive in Madrid and "we hope that he will start participating as soon as possible in the activities that the youth movement has prepared," explains one of Fridays For Future members in Spain, Alejandro Martínez, to Efe.

"We have no knowledge of the details about his arrival, because he has not contacted us," says Martínez, who believes that "she will be tired of the trip. Tomorrow she will rest and from Thursday or Friday will be when she joins the initiatives we have raised. "

Among the events that young people have for the weather planned for the next few days, there is a great organized mobilization for this Friday, which will begin in Atocha at 6:00 p.m. local time and will go to New Ministries.

The demonstration, according to Martínez, will be attended by the Swedish activist and will consist of two blocks: the first will be dedicated to Chileans and indigenous people, and the second will be where the Fridays For Future movement is located.

The event, which will also be added by other organizers such as environmental organizations and unions, will end with the reading of a manifesto and a series of speeches, as well as with the interpretation of some songs by different musical groups.

Specifically, the one described as 'March for Climate', is convened by the platforms Fridays For Future, Alliance for Climate, Alliance for Climate Emergency and 2020 Rebellion for Climate, with the support of the Chilean organizations Summit of the Peoples , Civil Society for Climate Action (SCAC) and Indigenous Minga.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting to close all the details of the mobilization, indicate from the organization and add that they will congregate in the streets under the motto "The world woke up", a motto shared with the city of Santiago de Chile, which will also host a March the same day.

"We feel very expectant before the arrival of Greta," says Martinez, who recalls that there are also present since last weekend "hundreds of young activists from around the world," as many of them, participants of COP25, " they will be part of the activities that will be developed ".

Another of the planned initiatives will be the so-called Social Summit for Climate, which will start this Saturday at the Complutense University of Madrid, and throughout the week "it will try to give voice to those people and issues that, for the interests of governments, do not they have a place inside the official summit. "

"We are going to try to have Greta also attend the Social Summit for Climate," says Martínez.

The presence of the young Swedish woman and the activists of many countries gathered in Madrid should serve, she believes, "to pressure governments and all those who have said they agree with our message."

"Those who support us have to prove it and must take real and much more ambitious measures than are currently on the table to deal with the climate emergency and comply with the Paris Agreement," Martinez insists.

Concerned about what will happen throughout this week and next, the young Spanish activists are looking forward to the movement's first participation in an international conference of such relevance.

An intervention, they hope, will be "notorious in the resolutions" and will result in greater international political ambition, which will be evident in "more forceful" initiatives than those contemplated so far.

The COP25, the last summit before the Paris Climate Agreement enters into force, "is called to be the conference in which the text that gathers the mechanisms that will ensure compliance will have to be completely closed".

If it is achieved in an ambitious way, says Fridays For Future, "it can become an important conference," but "everything is in the hands of the political will and those who will be in the negotiations."

The United States, Martínez declares, is part of the "major pollutants" and, therefore, "must be part of the agents that mobilize," since the decision of a government "is clear that it does not represent that of the entire population" .

The importance now, Apostille, lies in the fact that "all those American citizens who are really aware of pressure the Executive" and, above all, that their decision to leave the Paris Agreement becomes a "key element for the next elections."

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