Executives from ONCE address the inclusion of the disabled with the president of Ecuador

Executives from ONCE address the inclusion of the disabled with the president of Ecuador

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, today received the executives of the ONCE with which he addressed issues related to the business inclusion of people with disabilities.

"With our presence, we want to engage Ecuador's business community to commit to the cause of disability and to develop policies that aim for the full incorporation of people with disabilities as workers," Ana Peláez, executive director of Relaciones, told Ede at the end of the meeting. International of ONCE.

In the interview, in which there was an exchange of experiences on care for people with disabilities, the parties studied next steps to strengthen the alliances that have existed between the ONCE Foundation and Ecuador for more than twenty years, according to the Spanish executive.

The foundation of the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE) was created in 1988 as an instrument of cooperation and solidarity of the Spanish blind towards other groups of people with disabilities, for the improvement of their living conditions.

In this way, it also shares the Spanish experience with governments and organizations around the world.

Peláez congratulated in this sense the management of the Moreno government for "its leadership in the face of disability policies", which he described as "noteworthy", and explained that he had spoken with him "about the need to also use international cooperation instruments".

Some instruments that "can strengthen the policies that in the field of disability want to develop," he said.

ONCE deploys its efforts to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities through accessibility, training and employment, a strategy that Ecuador has adopted forcefully since Moreno, who has been disabled since 1998, is president.

At the meeting, the Ecuadorian leader was accompanied by his wife Rocío González, president of the Interinstitutional Committee of the Plan "Toda una Vida", one of the two most emblematic Ecuadorian projects of assistance to the vulnerable population.

The Whole Life Plan, according to the Ecuadorian Government's website, seeks to guarantee the progressive access of people to their rights throughout the life cycle, through the generation of public policies for the social and human development of the population.


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