Executed the murderer and rapist of a girl, in a case that sparked protests in Pakistan

Executed the murderer and rapist of a girl, in a case that sparked protests in Pakistan

Imran Ali, convicted of the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl, in a case that sparked violent protests and a debate over the safety of children in January, was executed today in Pakistan.

Ali, 23, was hanged at 0530 local time (0100 GMT) in Lakhpat prison in the city of Lahore (east), capital of Punjab province, a spokesman for the prison, Faraz Hussain, told Efe.

The spokesman indicated that the father of the minor murdered, Amin Ansari, and three of his uncles were witnesses of the execution together with a magistrate.

After the hanging, Ansari lamented in declarations to local televisions in front of the prison that Ali had not been executed in public or its execution emitted by the television.

"Zainab would have completed seven years and two months today," said the father.

The father of the condemned and other family members moved to the prison, but were not present at the time of execution because the law does not allow it.

Ali, 23, was sentenced in February to capital punishment for kidnapping, rape, murder and terrorism, and to life imprisonment for "unnatural act" with a girl of 7 years, Zainab.

In August, he was again sentenced to death for the murder and rape of three other girls, after he confessed to killing eight children.

Today's execution, however, was only in the case of Zainab, which shocked the entire country in early January.

The girl, who had been left in the care of an uncle while her parents were making a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, was found in a dumpster five days after disappearing.

The appearance of the body, whose examination determined that it had suffered sexual abuse, unleashed a wave of violent protests in which two people died, as well as demonstrations and acts in different parts of the country.

Pakistan registered at least 17,862 cases of sexual abuse of minors between 2013 and 2017, 10,620 of them against girls and the remaining 7,242 against boys, according to a report by the Ministry of Human Rights prepared with the NGO Sahil.


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