Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Excomandante in chief of the Uruguayan Army announces his candidacy for president

Excomandante in chief of the Uruguayan Army announces his candidacy for president

The ex-commander-in-chief of the Uruguayan Army, Guido Manini Ríos, announced on Wednesday his candidacy for president by the Cabildo Abierto party after being dismissed from his post at the beginning of March.

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The announcement, which was carried out in a room with dozens of people, took place two weeks after Manini Ríos was dismissed by the president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, after serious questions to the Judiciary.

"Politics, in its fullest sense, as the concern for public affairs, is not an exclusive feature of partisan political leaders, a noble thing is the responsibility of various sectors of society," said the former commander.

According to the candidate, Uruguayan society is immersed in "a great bewilderment" for what is happening in the country and said there is "a deterioration" in the living conditions of the population.

"The emptying of the interior of our country, the social and territorial fragmentation that is exacerbated jeopardize that coexistence based on our most expensive national traditions," he said.

From the point of view of who was commander between 2015 and 2019, Uruguayan society is in a state of "almost generalized fear" because of "loss of habits" and "criminal violence."

"The National Parliament, which historically was the center of the most important pages of our history, today is made up of legislators who abide by the party disciplines without questioning," he said during his speech.

While he received proposals from other parties, Manini Ríos explained that it was necessary to "initiate a path of their own" and lead "this movement" that will promote "a true participatory democracy" with national values ​​and traditions with the aim of "giving hope to those who have I lost hope. "

On March 13, Cabildo Abierto announced at a conference that he would propose to the excomandante to be the candidate for president after receiving "countless requests" to include him in the political-party activity.

"I accept the proposal to be the pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the Cabildo Abierto party and for the Artiguista Social movement, we believe that our political system needs the oxygenation that this movement can provide that establishes the need to rescue and update the ideology of our prócer (José Gervasio Artigas), "he said.

On the other hand, Manini Ríos said that the priority of his party will be to work on the human rights of the present and the future, referring to the search for disappeared detainees during the country's civil-military dictatorship (1973-1985).

However, he assured that they will make "all possible efforts" to get to the truth "about something that happened so long ago".

Regarding his dismissal as commander in chief, Manini Ríos said that he never questioned the Justice itself, but said that there were certain cases in which the Judiciary "acted as revenge and not as justice."

Uruguay will have internal elections in June 2019, in which the people will vote for their favorite among the candidates of all parties.

Thus, those who obtain more votes in comparison with the other candidates of the same political force in these elections will be those who dispute the Presidency of the country in October 2019.


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