Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Exclusive interview with Leo Messi: "The most important thing for me is to have a winning project" – La Provincia

The FC Barcelona player Leo Messi, in an exclusive interview with the newspaper SPORT, medium that belongs to the Press Iberian group, talks about its future and all the news of the Blaugrana club. The Argentine star, who is still recovering from his soleus leg injury, also gives his opinion on the frustrated signing of Neymar, the arrival of Griezmann and confesses that his wife Antonella "is everything to me".

How is your injury?

Leo Messi: I feel better. The truth is that it was very bad because in the first training this happened to me. It was something simple. I was fifteen days and when I thought I was fine, in one of the training sessions before Betis I resented a little and it opened a little more. That made him have to stand longer and have to stand still now. I was told that this sole is complicated, that it seemed fine and treacherous. I had never been through this and now I know what it is. That is why I am calm and I will play when I really feel that I am safe and it does not happen again, because a relapse would be for much longer.

When is your return scheduled?

L.M: I am training alone yet. I have no definite date. I'm getting tested. When 100 cured. Against Valencia, I'm sure I am not there and we will see if I return against Borussia or against Granada. I have no definite date.

President Bartomeu says that, according to his contract, you can go free at the end of this season. Should the Catalans worry?

L.M: I can't really confirm anything because in the contracts there is a confidentiality clause that nothing can be said. If I spoke I would be breaking that clause. I can say that I want to be in Barcelona as much as I can, do my whole career because this is my home. I also don't want to have a long contract and stay here because I have a contract but because I want to be physically well, play and be important, and see that there is a winning project. I want to keep winning things in the club, I want to keep getting important things. And for me the clause or the money means nothing. I move for other things. The most important thing is to have a winning project.

Leo Messi at a time of his interview with the newspaper SPORT.

Will you see it year after year?

L.M: The contract was made long ago. My idea is to continue here as long as I am able to perform and that the physicist allows me to. Then, as is my contract, it is not something that worries me or I handle it because my dad takes it with the president or with whom I have to talk. I only transmit my thoughts.


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