March 9, 2021

Excludes 34,641 Colombians "strained" in the Unit for Victims

The Colombian government office Unit for Comprehensive Care and Reparation for Victims excluded 34,641 people from its registry for alleged irregularities in the information they provided.

Of these irregularities, the main fraud detected is the false statements of people claiming to be victims of the armed conflict and in fact they are not, in addition to the massive scams by third parties against that group, reported Wednesday at a press conference the director of the entity, Ramón Alberto Rodríguez.

Even so, the Unit for Victims estimates that the number of "castings" could be close to 200,000 people, although the initial debugging began with the analysis of 15,000 cases from which the 6,177 detected to date, of which the 34,641 people excluded.

The entity also identified front organizations that contacted the victims in order to promise "subsidies, compensation, housing and all kinds of benefits", which constitutes the crime of fraud.

Therefore, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the Technical Investigation Body captured 56 people related to the events in the department of Antioquia (northwest) and Bogotá, of which 16 have already been convicted of the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, abusive access to a computer system, violation of aggravated personal data and procedural fraud.

In addition, the Victim Unit recorded a total of 6,796 complaints of irregularities, 76% of which are for offenses of false testimony, fraud and fraud in the Single Victim Registry.

The remaining 24% corresponds to crimes of forgery of documents and abusive access to the databases of the entity.

The departments in which more complaints were registered were Cundinamarca (center), with 1,320; Antioquia (1,315), Valle del Cauca (505), Huila (417), Tolima (364) and Nariño (border with Ecuador), where 323 were reported.

They are followed by the department of Magdalena (310), Bolívar (290), Norte de Santander (border with Venezuela), with 237; Risaralda (196); Santander (188), Cauca (163) and Cesar (131).

Rodriguez also warned of possible electoral fraud in the face of the regional elections on October 27 at least in five municipalities, in which candidates would have promised access to aid from the Victims Unit in exchange for obtaining votes.

These are the municipalities of Nechi and Apartadó in Antioquia, Medina in Cundinamarca, Tumaco in Nariño and Molino in the department of La Guajira (border with Venezuela).

In order to put an end to the irregularities denounced today, the Victims' Unit launched the campaign "Que no te echen cuentos", which also seeks to prevent those who can take advantage of the situation of those affected by the conflict economically.

Rodriguez said that those responsible for these crimes are gangs dedicated to common crime and have no record of armed groups being behind the irregularities.

He also noted that investigations into these cases are also occurring within the Unit.

"We are not going to have any reservations, the official that we find that is accessing the information or that is selling information of a particular situation, the whole weight of the law will fall on him," said Rodriguez.

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