June 22, 2021

Exceltur warns that the British quarantine will have “devastating effects” on tourism activity




The tourism sector remains in shock due to the quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom on travelers coming from Spain along with the rrecommendation not to travel, which have been joined by similar decisions from countries such as Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The main employer in the Exceltur sector has warned that the effects of the British quarantine will be “Devastating for tourism and employment, giving the lace to a season that had started limping and will end early ». They have also shown their rejection of the statements of the director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, and confessed that they had never felt so “helpless”. To which the Executive has assured that its approach to the subject had occurred as an epidemiologist.

The tough statement from the tourism employers also emphasizes the impact on our reputation as a country and pointed to the need to «Increased diplomatic anticipation and improvement of health communication, internal and external, so as not to provoke equivocal alarms that lead to radical decisions ». In this context, they have shown their disbelief towards the statements of Fernando Simón in which he pointed out that the recommendation of the Belgian government for its nationals not to visit Spain is «A risk that they take away» and added, on the quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom, that “these decisions help us, and it is a risk that they take away from us”.

In this regard, from Exceltur, they have stated that “We have never felt more helpless” and attributed part of the latest decisions “to poorly exposed explanations and / or a manifest lack of will to counter-argue them, with data that could be neutralized.” In this sense, they have demanded that the Executive ensure that Those who report on Covid are “the most objective representatives” without encouraging the dichotomy between health and economy. For this reason, the hotel management has warned against the “collapse of activity and lack of employment” that they expect as autumn approaches.

In any case, this business organization has verified that «reputational damage is already done » and they see “unrealistic” that these last decisions can be reversed in time to “save what little remains of the current tourist season” and do not hesitate to speak of “tourism blow”

For all the foregoing, they have demanded that the Executive “intense diplomatic action” to redirect and neutralize with scientific data the misgivings that the evolution of the virus arouses in Spain, both among the countries that have already advised against traveling and for those who are considering it. They have also asked “Intense efforts at EU level” to agree on a protocol of security measures at a European level for travel within the Old Continent and ensure “the unavoidable support and commitment of the autonomous communities” within the next Conference of Presidents to fight with the maximum guarantees against the pandemic and to know how to transfer it to the public opinion “with the most professional communication possible”.

Finally, they have demanded that sufficient aid be provided to the sector, especially future European funds, and consider that “not less than 30,000 million of the 14,000 million agreed in Europe for Spain ”, to help pay for the extension of the ERTE beyond September 30. They have also asked to provide a greater budget to the Secretary of State for Tourism to face the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis and to end restrictions so that tourism can qualify as the finalist uses to which the game of expense that is expected to be released soon by the Treasury.


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