Exceltur insists on the need for the Ave to arrive at Barajas

Exceltur insists on the need for the Ave to arrive at Barajas

The Alliance for Tourism Excellence, Exceltur, has once again stressed the need for real intermodality between means of transport in key locations such as the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, which should be connected to the AVE high-speed train.

This is one of the measures proposed by Exceltur before a gradual transformation of the Spanish tourism model, in a new scenario in which there are no longer "tail winds and exogenous elements" such as the geopolitical instability of the competing markets of the Eastern Mediterranean, which have driven an extraordinary growth of the sector in the last five years.

The growth of tourism activity in Spain has slowed, confirming the trend towards a gradual stabilization in the performance of the sector as a whole.

The executive vice president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, explained today, at a press conference, that the situation "should not lead to surprises or speculative or tremendist readings."

For Zoreda, it is key that the Government give the highest priority to the sector in the next budgets, with appropriate policies and endowments.

Exceltur has asked the Government to return at least to 2011 values ​​the "meager" budget of the State Secretariat for Tourism and promotion of Turespaña.

According to Zoreda, "hardly" the Secretary of State and Turespaña can play a promotional role in terms of marketing if they are not provided with adequate budgets.


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