Exceltur calls for measures to increase tourist GDP by 3% in the legislature

Exceltur calls for measures to increase tourist GDP by 3% in the legislature

The Alliance for Tourism Excellence, Exceltur, has asked politicians for a great commitment from the State to ensure that tourism GDP grows 3% per year in the next term, which would mean 5,413 million euros more per year of activity and creation of 87,533 new net jobs per year.

On the contrary, if it continues as before, the tourist GDP will continue to decelerate in the coming years, going from the 1.7% forecast for 2019 to the 1% at the end of the legislature, always below the growth of the Spanish economy, according to assured the executive vice president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, in an interview with Agencia EFE.

In a context marked by the slower growth of the sector, the recovery of other competing countries and the change in the consumer model, Zoreda has advocated a country-oriented start-up that achieves an average increase in tourist GDP of 3% between 2019 -2022, which would allow employment to grow at a rate of 2.3% per year.

Based on this growth, Exceltur seeks the tourist to increase their stay in Spain (1% more overnight stays), as well as their income in the destination (2% more than actual daily spending reversed).

It also calculates that business margins could improve two points per year, which would facilitate new investments and business reinvestments in the short and medium term, with a fiscal impact of 450 million euros per year.

With all this commitment, tourism growth would increase close to one point above the Spanish economy, according to the scenarios analyzed by Exceltur. Failure to take measures of draft and continue as before, there will be a progressive deceleration of tourist GDP.

And, the GDP of the tourism sector has grown from around 5% in 2017 to 2% in 2018. According to Exceltur's initial forecasts for 2019, GDP will again fall to 1.7% waiting for what happens with the "brexit".

"We are beginning a change of cycle in the tourism sector after years of quite spectacular and unsustainable growths because a large part of our international competition was suffering geopolitical problems," said Zoreda.

It also recalls the favorable winds that have been registered in recent years in relation to the euro / dollar exchange rate, the price of oil or the robustness of the main economies, elements that are disappearing from the scene.

On the contrary, it warns that in 2019 the two main tourism markets for Spain, Germany and England, face, respectively, a slowdown in their economy and the uncertainty of the "brexit".

"Spain has to rearrange what it offers to Spanish and foreign tourists, probably at this time the best indicator is not to break tourist records and reduce overnight stays," said Zoreda, adding that we must reverse this trend and start thinking not only in the volume, but in the drag effect and the expense that the tourists leave.

"We must not obsess over not breaking records (…) Our growth is not infinite, we must grow by more spending and added value," he insisted.

For this reason, and given that you can not compete for price, Exceltur is committed to highlighting the offer of sun and beach and interior offerings so that the price factor has a more relative weight.


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