Excancilleres of Guatemala see Jimmy Morales' speech to the UN "deplorable"

A group of former Guatemalan foreign ministers published on Saturday a letter in which they made public their "dismay" for the "deplorable" speech of the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, on Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly.

Last Wednesday, Morales accused the UN General Secretariat of polarizing the Central American country through the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), so five former foreign ministers and two former ambassadors said they felt shame and sorrow for Morales's words.

The former chancellors who signed the document are: Alfonso Cabrera Hidalgo, Fernando Carrera, Edgar Gutiérrez, Gabriel Orellana, Ariel Rivera, Rodolfo Rohrmoser and former ambassadors Anamaría Diéguez and Francisco Villagrán de León.

The diplomats said that the speech of the Guatemalan president "recalls the rhetoric of the military governments that isolated the country in the mid-1970s and those of the first half of the 1980s", when the internal armed conflict, which claimed The life of more than 200,000 people was at its peak.

They said that overcoming such isolation "cost a lot of political and diplomatic work," especially after the signing of peace between the guerrillas and the Army in 1996, when 36 years of conflict ended.

However, that effort "has collapsed in recent years and the country is isolating itself again," they lamented.

They warned that the country "is not yet in a position to cope with the fight against corruption and impunity on its own" and indicated that the lessons learned from the last 12 years, during the stay of the CICIG in the country until its departure last 13 September, "should lead to formulate creative concepts and methods of international collaboration to address threats to democracy."

Diplomats said that "the smaller a country is, the more active its international policy should be," so that "the processes of globalization and interdependence make obsolete the idea that national issues may exist outside the global agenda."

The General Secretariat polarized Guatemalan society through the CICIG. This Commission violated the principles of national sovereignty, did not respect the laws of our country, undermined autonomy, put social peace at risk and challenged the governability of the region, "Morales proclaimed during his speech Wednesday at the UN General Assembly. .

For 12 years, the CICIG and the Public Prosecutor's Office identified more than 70 criminal structures, collaborated in the prosecution of 120 "high impact" cases, presented a hundred lawsuits against large officials, syndicated more than 1,500 people and some 660 are processed.

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