Ex-seller Lluís Puig warns that the positions between JxCat and PDeCAT are "castled"

Former Culture Seller Lluís Puig from Brussels has warned that the positions between JxCat and PDeCAT for the reordering of space "are enrocando".

In a preview of an interview by El Punt Avui collected by Europa Press, and which will be published in its entirety this Thursday, Puig affirms that after two and a half years the fit between the two formations has not been achieved.

"There is no more time left," said Puig, who has admitted that the relationship between JxCat and the PDeCat is heading towards rupture, as it failed to synchronize the speeches of the two forces.

Puig has stated that JxCat was born "hastily" to attend the elections of December 21, 2017, in which it was the most voted independence force.

However, it has been agreed that, since the day after the elections, there is no joint governance model with the PDeCAT: "We arrived here after two and a half years in which there has been no oil in the gears," he pointed out.

Puig, together with the prisoners of the PDeCAT, has defended that JxCat is a party, and the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has bet on the leadership, of which he has said that "it continues to be the emblem of the legitimate government."

He also does not rule out that Puigdemont can go to the electoral lists: "I think he is aware of this and wants to lead this movement that wants to put the country ahead of the organizations," he explained.


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