July 29, 2021

Ex-counsel Fernandez says he went to prison because he was the only untrained

Ex-counsel Fernandez says he went to prison because he was the only untrained

The defense of former Employment Counsel Antonio Fernández has finished his final report lamenting the personal and professional damage caused to his client for almost 8 years and ensuring that he is the only member of the Governing Council that has passed through prison because "the rest were people volumetric ".

Fernández, who was Deputy Minister of Employment from 2000 to 2004 and advisor from 2004 to 2010, was charged in the ERE case in February 2011 and is judged in the political piece of this macrocause for the crimes of continued prevarication in medial contest with continued malfeasance , for which the Prosecutor's Office and the PP-A request him 8 years in prison and 30 years of disqualification.

The first instructor of the ERE case, Judge Mercedes Alaya, sent him to prison and without bail in April 2012, a decision that the Audiencia of Seville revoked in July by imposing 400,000 euros of bail, which he met in August of that year. after what he got out of jail.

The 7 years and 9 months since his imputation and the 6 years and 7 months that have passed since his imprisonment, make Fernández's defense claim the "mitigating of undue delay," a part of the report defended by the lawyer Beatriz Montaño

A period during which his defense has lamented the "irreparable professional loss of prestige, even though the sentence is acquittal" for his client, which causes him to be unemployed since his entry into prison, upon being dismissed from his position in the Wine Regulatory Council of Jerez, with the consequent repercussion for the calculation of its pension of retirement.

But above all, the lawyer has emphasized the "inevitable but brutal mediatization" of this cause that since the beginning has had a "very widespread dissemination both in national and regional media almost minute by minute," before which "public opinion has internalized the guilt "of all the accused.

After justifying the mitigation of undue delays by the time elapsed, another of the lawyers of Fernandez, Alfonso Martinez del Hoyo, has concluded its long report, which began to expose on Monday, shaming the Prosecutor's Office that alluded to the inclusion of the ex-counselor in the ERE of Bodegas González Byass, even knowing that he never received an early retirement income because in 2008, when it was not known that this judicial investigation was going to exist, he did not sign the policy.


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