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Dress as a neat podemita and must be something unrenounceable, since it does not wear a suit and a tie or even give an unusual audience His Holiness. It is transparent that it has a lot of street and knowledge of its rules, that wisdom for life or for survival that can not be transmitted by any university, chair, academy. Also daring, malice, cunning, nose, mental agility, communication skills, magnet to ensure that their interlocutors not only open their transcendent mouth but to reveal things of their personality that we did not know. Behind his smile and his polite tone, his image of featherweight shaper, can end defenses and KO the most strategic heavyweights.

His name is Jordi Évole and I really like his work or his art, the quality that prints something so lacking in it (they earn more with garbage, ordinariness, arrogant stupidity) called television. Saved, like so long ago The key, it's a luxury His interview with the Pope seemed like a first class show. He was confronted with a guy as disturbing as unpredictable, someone who has managed not only to annoy the ancestral papists and those of social fridays but also to awaken the interest and morbidity of the agnostics. Being in disagreement with him in various matters (ay ... therapy for sodomites) does not prevent you from recognizing a magnetic actor, unusual, full of resources, very intelligent, moving when he proposes it, credible.

The bold guy from Cornellá enjoys remarkable and justified success. They will make him pay. Protect yourself from the bites of your jugular who long to give from so many orthodox and heterodox media. Incria too much. Normal. He does it very well.


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