February 25, 2021

Evo Morales is scheduled to meet with Putin on July 11 in Moscow

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on July 11 in Moscow, to address issues such as cooperation in hydrocarbons.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Diego Pary explained at a press conference in La Paz on Tuesday that the Morales government has a special interest in strengthening relations with Russia in areas such as energy.

Pary said that Bolivia intends to extend these relations through Moscow with the "Eurasian community" as a whole, with which "agreements are interested" and a "dynamic relationship".

Morales himself had announced for months, although without specifying date, his desire to meet with Putin and sign a strategic alliance with the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Bolivian leader commented that he had been invited by the Russian president to deal with relations with this trade bloc composed of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Morales's previous meeting with Putin was in June of last year and had as its axis several agreements for Russian investment in hydrocarbons in Bolivia, where the export of gas represents one of the main state revenues.

Morales will arrive in the Russian capital after traveling the day before to Suriname, where he will meet in Paramaribo with the country's president, Desiré Bouterse, in a bilateral meeting that the foreign minister described as "very important".

Bolivia is interested in this country being a "gateway" to the Caribbean, so it seeks to "strengthen relations" and the meeting will address issues such as the relaxation of visas between both nations, according to Pary.

For this, a commission of political consultations between both countries is planned, he said.

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