December 2, 2020

Evo Morales is a favorite on the last day of the dissemination of surveys in Bolivia

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who is seeking his fourth term in Bolivia, remains in the first place of the election preference one week after the elections in Bolivia, according to a survey published by local media this Sunday, the last day in the This type of study is allowed.

According to the sample made by the IPSOS company, Morales del Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) reaches 40 percent support with a broad advantage over its contender, former president Carlos Mesa of the Citizen Community (CC) alliance, which brings together the 22 percent support.

Behind both of them is opposition senator Oscar Ortiz of the Bolivia Dice No (BDN) alliance, with 10 percent of the voters' preference and four percentage points behind is the Korean-Bolivian Presbyterian pastor Chi Hyun Chung of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC).

The remaining five candidates do not exceed 3 percent of the vote, which is the threshold required by Bolivian rules so that the parties participating in an election access the distribution of parliamentary seats and maintain their legal personality.

Morales, the Bolivian president with more time in power, wins in seven of the nine regions of the country, while Mesa and Ortiz win in one, according to the IPSOS survey.

The survey was conducted from September 21 to October 8 in 60 cities in Bolivia to 2,300 people of both sexes and whose age is 18 to 70 years.

The sample, which has a 95 percent confidence level, also reveals that about 8 percent of the voters have not decided who will vote in the October 20 elections.

With those results in the elections, Morales would become the winner of the first-round election thanks to overcoming the 10-point difference in relation to Mesa, his main contender.

However, the IPSOS study consulted on the possibility of a second round in which Morales would also be imposed with 47 percent of votes in favor against the 39 that Mesa would obtain.

Despite this, other surveys have also been known this week such as the one that a few days ago the company CiesMori spread that realized that it would go to a second electoral round, based on a sample held from October 2 to 7 to more than 2,400 people

In that study Morales was first with 36.2 percent support and Mesa with 26.9, behind both are Ortiz with 7.8 and Chi Hyun Chung with 5.8 of the voters' preference.

In the first days of the following week the parties participating in the Bolivian elections will carry out their campaign closures in the main cities such as Santa Cruz, El Alto, La Paz and Cochabamba.

As of Thursday, the electoral silence that prevents parties and candidates from making open calls for voting will govern.

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