July 30, 2021

Evo Morales goes through the Peruvian port of Ilo and witnesses the unloading of a ship

Evo Morales goes through the Peruvian port of Ilo and witnesses the unloading of a ship

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, visited the Peruvian port of Ilo, in the southern region of Moquegua, where he toured the facilities and witnessed the unloading of a ship with 13,000 tons of products destined for his country.

Morales arrived in Ilo along with a delegation of ministers and businessmen, headed by his Foreign Minister, Diego Pary, with whom he supervised the port's operational capacity.

The governor was later decorated as an "illustrious guest" by the provincial municipality of Ilo and stressed the importance of maintaining a good relationship with Peru.

After thanking the reception received in Ilo, Morales assured that in Peru they want it "more than in Bolivia", which motivated a thunderous ovation of the assistants.

"Peru and Bolivia have the same history, we are the same family, for reasons of the founding of the republic 200 years ago we are two neighboring nations, but sisters for life," he said.

He added that he decided to go to Ilo to "accompany, see closely" the cargo imported to Bolivia and considered "a joy, see how we integrate".

Morales sent greetings to the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra, who did not travel to Ilo for having to attend to internal agenda issues, and called him "his brother", after which he recalled that he recently met with him in Bolivia to talk about that " great project called bioceanic train "that plans to unite Peru with Brazil, passing through Bolivian territory.

He said that, in parallel to that project, he has talked with Vizcarra about the plan to build a "megaport" in Ilo, which would generate "billions in exports and imports" of both countries.

On Wednesday, the Peruvian Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) said that the port terminal of Ilo was ready to receive the first vessel with merchandise in transit to Bolivia.

The ship "Ante Topic", with flag of the Marshall Islands, arrived in Peru with more than 13,000 tons of merchandise, thanks to agreements signed between the National Ports Company (Enapu), the Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the National Chamber of Exporters of Bolivia.

Peru stressed that through the agreements signed earlier this month, it seeks to implement joint commercial strategies to promote the import and export of cargo from and to Bolivia using the facilities of the port of Ilo.

The MTC indicated that, for this reason, it has invested more than 10 million soles (3.1 million dollars) for the implementation of equipment and the conditioning of areas and rehabilitation of the wharf, with the objective of "meeting the demand following high quality and efficiency standards ".

"We also offer a reduction of port fees by 30% and free storage availability for up to 90 days," he explained when the agreements were signed by the chairman of the board of Enapu, Juan Arrisueño.

The ministry recalled that the agreement was signed after Enapu participated in ExpoCruz 2018, held last September in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, where "the strategic advantages for international trade" offered by Ilo were presented, "thanks to its geographic location, infrastructure, equipment and operational capacity ".


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