Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Evo Morales calls to defend democracy against the risk of a coup

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, called on Bolivians on Friday to defend democracy against what he called an attempted coup against the constitutional order, after spreading police riots across the country.

"Sisters and brothers, our democracy is at risk due to the coup d'etat that violent groups have launched that undermine the constitutional order," the president wrote on Twitter.

Evo Morales denounced to the international community "this attack on the rule of law".

"I call on our people to peacefully take care of democracy and the CPE – Political Constitution of the State – to preserve peace and life as supreme assets above any political interest," he added in his message on the social network.

Morales concluded that "the unity of the people will be the guarantee for the welfare of the Fatherland and social peace."

The riot of the Police against the Government spread throughout this day through much of Bolivia, after which the Executive said he has no intention of responding by mobilizing the Armed Forces.

Citizen groups gather in front of police stations and military barracks in various parts of Bolivia, to ask the uniformed men to be next to the town.

The message of the Bolivian head of state was published after the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in similar terms, in which on behalf of the Government he blames the opposition and the civic committees for the situation in the country.

The Evo Morales Executive denounces this coup attempt since after the elections of October 20 the opposition announced fraud in the recount that gave him the victory, demanding his resignation and the call for new elections.

The text of the communiqué of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressly blames Luis Fernando Camacho, leader of the civic committee of the eastern region of Santa Cruz, and former president Carlos Mesa (2003-2005), of the opposition alliance of the Citizen Community, of being behind the events in the country.

Morales had called in recent days to his followers to defend the victory that gave him the electoral body, warning of the attempted coup, a recurring complaint since he governs when situations arise critical to his management.

At least three people died in clashes between like-minded and opposed to the president in riots since the day after the elections, in which there were 383 injured according to the Ombudsman of Bolivia.

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