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Evictions for rentals grew 4.5% last year | Economy

A woman and her two daughters face an eviction after removing the Xunta their help | Society

The number of mortgage launches or evictions made in 2018 was 59,671, 1.8% less than a year earlier, according to data published this Friday by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) in its report on the effects of the crisis in the judicial organs. The drop is due to the 15.2% decrease in evictions as a result of foreclosures or foreclosures (18,945), while the releases resulting from the Urban Leases Act (LAU) were confirmed upward last year by raising 4.5 % (37,285).

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The data prepared by the Statistics Section of the CGPJ also reveal that the number of launches requested in this period was 72,023, 3.3% higher. However, the requests to the common services of notifications and embargoes, which refer to different types of real estate, not only habitual dwellings, do not suppose that the eviction has already been executed.

By Autonomous Communities, Catalonia, with 13,941 (23.36% of the national total) registered the highest volume of launches in the year, followed by Andalusia (9,795); Valencian Community (8.083) and Madrid (6.435).

By virtue of its variation with respect to 2017, Galicia showed a reduction of 31.4%, circumstance that in the previous quarters the organ of the judges attributed to the strike of civil servants.

Attending only to the launches resulting from the LAU, this is linked to the rent, the classification is again headed by Catalonia, with 8,877; behind it are Madrid, with 5,157, and Andalusia, with 5,093.

Regarding evictions for foreclosures, the first three places are occupied by Andalucía (4,082), Cataluña (3,778) and Comunidad Valenciana (3,344).

The report also highlights that foreclosures or repossessions of a property for sale after the default of a loan fell by 8.8% in 2018 to 27,404, this being the lowest figure for ten years.

However, up to seven autonomous communities have ended up rising, with Galicia (28.7%) and Cataluña (24.5%) standing out, which in absolute terms was the territory where the most executions were presented in 2018 (5,771).

With respect to the fourth quarter of 2018, there were 15,065 evictions, 1.3% less.

A figure that has been attenuated by the advance of 3.9% of the launches for non-payment of rent, the sixth consecutive, although lower than the percentage of the previous quarter, which was 7.9%.

In its note, the CGPJ also includes trials for illegal housing occupancy for cases in which the owners are individuals, non-profit entities or public entities that own social housing.

In this category, 1,047 lawsuits were filed between October and December, of which 482 have been resolved.

Catalonia, with 306 (29.2% of the national total), heads the total of procedures, followed by Andalucía (185), Comunidad Valenciana (119) and Madrid (108).


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