Evictions drop 45.6% in 2020 due to pandemic social measures but embargoes rise

The number of mortgage launches or evictions practiced in Spain plummeted by 45.6% in 2020, to 29,406, coinciding with the suspension of the procedural deadlines due to the pandemic and the Government's decision not to execute these procedures during the state of alarm , according to EFE.

The Balearic Government begins the expropriation of 56 houses of large holders

The Balearic Government begins the expropriation of 56 homes of large holders

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According to the series published this Thursday by the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), the majority (21,145) were launches related to rent, which is 42% less than the previous year, while 6,915 come from foreclosures or seizures of a property for sale after the non-payment of a loan (51.3% less).

The latest "Report on the effect of the crisis on judicial bodies" reveals, on the other hand, the upturn in executions or embargoes filed in this same period, which increased by 17.5% to 20,460 proceedings. This is the first rise since 2012, although the records are still far from the 91,622 of that year.


In terms of evictions, the number of launches requested between January and December was 53,911, 21% less; of them, 25,290 finished with positive compliance (36% less).

However, the fact that it is requested from the common services of notifications and embargoes does not mean that it has already been executed. The launches, which confirm the downward trend that began in 2015, affect different types of properties, not only homes or, within these, regular homes.

By autonomous communities, Catalonia, with 5,737 (19.5% of the national total), stood out for the number of evictions in this quarter, followed by Andalusia, with 4,517; Valencian Community, with 4,501; and Madrid, with 2,872.

These four territories accumulated about 60% of the total launches made in Spain in 2020. Looking only at those linked to non-payment of rent, Catalonia, with 4,211 (20% of the total), appears in the lead, followed by Andalusia, with 2,942 ; Valencian Community, with 2,765; and Madrid, with 2,398.

The first positions in terms of launches resulting from foreclosures are occupied by the Valencian Community, with 1,640; Andalusia, with 1,349; Catalonia, with 1,069; and Murcia, with 692.

Foreclosures rise for the first time since 2012

However, the report warns of the increase in the number of executions or embargoes, which in 2020 amounted to 17.5% compared to the previous year, and which represents the first increase since 2012. These procedures showed a significant year-on-year increase throughout the second half of the year, being 52.7% in the third quarter and 42.5% in the fourth.

In absolute terms, Catalonia was the territory where there were the most foreclosures in 2020, with a total of 4,643. Andalusia followed, with 3,729; the Valencian Community, with 3,636; Madrid, with 1,771; and Murcia, with 1,293.

The CGPJ adds to its statistics the litigation filed by consumers before the courts specialized in mortgage matters. In 2020, 110,426 cases were entered; 114,962 cases were resolved and 239,445 were pending. Likewise, the judicial bodies handed down 97,450 sentences, of which 97.9% were in favor of the plaintiff.


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