Everything works well for Depedro | Culture

Everything works well for Depedro | Culture

A celebration is always better if you are surrounded by friends. So he thinks Depedro, the alter ego of Jairo Zavala (Madrid, 1973) on the scenarios. It is 10 years old and the artist thought it was "the right time" to gather his friends at a collaborative party that takes the title Everything will be fine. The disc, which includes in format blu-ray the live recording of the album, renews the most popular songs of Depedro with voices like those of Coque Malla, Luz Casal or Santiago Auserón.

"The title does not come with setback; is a phrase that came to me by several friends who told me why do not you call it that way? ", says Zavala. The tagline has been his lifeline in times of helplessness, a trick to subtract the bitter taste of ungrateful situations. Although the musician clarifies that he is not "so naíf as to think that everything always goes well", he has verified that "the kind spirit always prevails and the people who sell miseries are minority".

Before starting to call other artists to start work, he set several conditions to choose the guests of his party. They had to be friends or people who I admired and had left a mark on Depedro's project. "Also the premise that I had to have met them before the meeting in the studio, because the recording was in two days and we did not have enough time to make presentations; It had to be a fluid thing, "he says.

Thus, the list of collaborations includes Santiago Auserón, whom he met a year ago in a brief meeting in Mexico, but whom he dared to call a week later; Luz Casal, with whom she recorded an album as a guitarist and called "La interpreter" for her vocal quality and intensity; Coque Malla, who is a friend from a meeting in the US; Vetusta Morla, group that gave him a first push a decade ago when they invited him to be their opening act; Nita and Ale, from Fuel Fandango, whom he saw for the first time in Beijing and since then they are friends and, finally, Izal, with whom he coincided in a charity concert. The disc also includes three unreleased tracks: Autonomous lives, with the collaboration of Camilo Lara and Amparo Sánchez; Flowers and tamales, composed together Joey Burns for the Calexico group Y Why, how and when.

The recording took place as Zavala expected, with the confidence of friendship. The songs already brought them rolled of hundreds of concerts and that supposed for him an advantage. He thanked his colleagues for "generosity" and "honest work" for internalizing them. It does not worry that they have made theirs, quite the opposite: "The collaborations are to steal, to see what they do with mine and learn, fill me a little more suitcase. There is no more beautiful in our trade than to see how someone with their eyes their talent and their mouth transforms something you have done and makes it grow. I am very attentive to those moments that are sometimes very small, but very powerful. "

The themes of Depedro do not lose intensity over time, but, in the opinion of the musician, "grow out of their scope, in the audience", which is increasingly broad and sings with more emotion. "It's a cliché, but the songs stop being yours and become part of the public is the most beautiful of our trade."


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