November 24, 2020

Everything prepared for the Womad 2019 – La Provincia

Ghanaian musician Pat thomas will kick off the first day of the Womad 2019 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in which he has promised "much movement" to high life style. Known as "Golden Voice in Africa", this precursor of the 'creaod' style in the sixties lands on the main stage of the Plaza Santa Catalina with his new album, with which he will" invite to move "all those attending the festival of the capital of Gran Canaria.

As he has advanced, he will offer a concert "very active and fun" with songs from all his musical career, including several themes of his new work "Obiaa!" which are "direct works of my heart" with a return to music indigenous from his native Ghana.

Pat thomas will participate in this inaugural day of Womad 2019 with Kwashibu Area Band, a proposal for all ages and tastes with which the "acquaintances and people who have not heard me before" will have the opportunity to live "a great party".

He Pat Thomas concert It will be at 22.50 on the main stage of this edition, which will have two other stages for the rest of the festival days with the Boulevard stage and the novelty of this year, the LPA Youth @ Womad.

On the other hand, the Canarian representation of this Thursday will be in charge of Fajardo, from Fuerteventura, which will offer attendees "an intimate concert" that recovers themes from their first work.

As he explained in a press conference, his performance will feature several acoustic and electric guitars, to make "a journey through the musical trajectory" that has taken him to several international stages.

José Antonio Fajardo It will show a repertoire that is "summary of his discography" and the best known themes with which he seeks to "get closer to the public" who knows him and "reach those who do not".

Fajardo will open the festival 2019 with the first of the performances of this edition at 8:00 p.m. on the main stage.

In addition, the band Limboos, with an appointment on the main stage at 9:15 pm, will arrive with a sample of his new album "Baia", which is based on the genre of 'rhythm and blues', black music and a New Orleans style inspiration.

As the guitarist and percussionist have advanced, Sergio Alarcón, this group "drinks from many cultures and styles" so it feels "very close to the tropics", something that fits with the Canary Islands, where they are "very happy" to act.

This hodgepodge of "exotic and Latin influences" styles, as Alarcón has explained, "it is the essence of a very open group"That fits" very well in the Canary Islands "with this" identity "of the band.

For its part, on this first day of Womad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria he will remember the 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon in his workshops, with "Wolfworks and creative workshops" where young and old, as well as families, will develop during the weekend a space shuttle or a life-size astronaut.

As the managers of the workshops have explained, Annie and JessieArrivals from the United Kingdom, children will be able to make headdresses, masks, astronaut costumes, saucers and spaceships, stars and a whole range of space-style elements, which will be shown at the festival's final parade.

He womad festival It will begin at 6:00 pm with the opening of the global market, with a sample of artisan products, manufactures from different parts of the world, crafts, fashion and accessories, as well as exhibitors and positions of different NGOs and with gastronomic proposals in the Plaza de Canarias .

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