Everything is possible in Womad – The Province

Everything is possible in Womad - The Province

"I've been to all the Womad and there should be a Womad in every country in the world, it's the only one that brings together musicians and artists from all over the world." The reflection I was doing this Thursday Abass Doodo, which celebrates tomorrow the first of the percussion workshops for adults in the Miller Building, is shared by the artists who star in the opening day of Womad Las Palmas of Gran Canaria 2018 on its 20th anniversary.

He said Abass Doodo, in a meeting on the main stage in the park of Santa Catalina, that beside him there were people, artists, that he did not know, but that during these days, and thanks to Womad's umbrella, "they are family". Along with the Ghanaian percussionist was another percussionist, the Argentine Martín Moroni, member of the Belgian group KermesZ a l'Est, the singer herreño Bejo, and representatives of the companies Dod to Dot Y Sands Art Palace.

With their eyes on the sky and in the middle of a light drizzle that was no more, they presented their credentials as part of the protagonists of the first day of concerts, which has as its protagonist the renewed flamenco sound of María José Llergo Y Marc López, first of the performances in Santa Catalina, this Thursday at 8:00 pm; the brazen and vacilona rhyme of Bejo; and the festival of Balkan music and rock that brings KermesZ to l'Est, at 22.50.

"Everything is possible in Womad", sentence Martín Moroni. "This Womad festival is good, which gives the opportunity to make visible groups that are not known." In similar terms it is pronounced Bejo, which premieres at the festival. In his opinion, "the strong point is that you see musicians from different continents, and it makes a lot of sense to do it here, so it's a good thing it's done here." According to the author of Paraphernalia (2018), Womad "is a window of dissemination and is a good plan for people."

In the musical sense, Martín Moroni explains that he has been a year with KermesZ a l'Est, training with ten years of experience. It is a group from Belgium, I live in Brussels, I met by chance the other percussionist, who is also called Martin, and at that moment they needed someone to replace the boy who played the box. "According to Moroni," they already had seen, he was a fanatic and it was a matter of destiny. "On the band, he points out that" this was born as a street performance and over the years it became what it is now, and if the rain allows it, it will be a beautiful party, as always. We were in Womad in England last July, and this is the second time, and it's a tremendous experience. "

As for the fusion of metal, punk, rock and reggae with the Klezmer and Balkan sounds, he emphasizes that "this fusion is quite curious, I did not know much Balkan music, I play more salsa, funk, and I got into the world of Balkan music, and they are a reference for the fanfare.The good thing about KermeZ is that they handle a rather interesting aesthetic, all of leather, a somewhat dark history, and the discourse and interest of Balkan music is updated, and also like children very much. "

Bejo, the alias of Borja Jiménez premieres in Womad with the inseparable Dj Pimp. "We are eager to premiere in the Womad and before a very diverse audience." In Bejo fits everything, and as underlined "I like to mix here and there and bring a potpourri," points to the repertoire that provides Thursday. "And we come with the food basket so that everyone leaves with a happy heart."


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