April 22, 2021

Everything indicates that we will pass the phase, but it is not a victory

The Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado, said this Friday that “everything points” to that Madrid will pass next Monday to phase 1 of the de-escalation, although he has warned that this will not represent “any victory”, given that “far from being a reason for joy “must involve above all” a greater exercise of responsibility “.

Aguado, who has visited the Metro command post, has stressed that, throughout the de-escalation, the phase changes will be “in the hands of citizens and of joint responsibility between administrations and citizens.”

For this reason, he pointed out that, although “the will of the Government of the Community of Madrid is to advance as quickly as possible in all phases”, there could be “a slowdown” if there is no responsible behavior.

The vice president stressed that, in the bilateral meeting held on Thursday with the Ministry of Health, the Community was congratulated and left with a “very positive” feeling.

However, going to phase 1 would not imply that Madrid withdraw the appeal against the central government filed before the Supreme Court, which – Aguado has specified – aims to guarantee “transparency” and make clear “what were the criteria” so that, in twice, the phase change has been refused to the Community.

Once phase 1 of the de-escalation comes into force, Madrid will formally request the transition to phase 2 “as soon as it is in a position” to do so, Aguado said.

Regarding the different street protests that have been taking place in recent days, Aguado views them with “sadness” and “a certain indignation”, considering them “the consequence of having irresponsible politicians calling for tension”, and has indicated that This is not the time “to look again for that cainita Spain of confrontations”.

“We are going to try to do things well and call for restraint,” he pleaded, while stressing that, although he understands “that there is boredom and even despair”, this cannot entail “breaking the rules” and “throwing down two months of confinement. “


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