January 26, 2021

"Everyone knows what he has given us"

"Everyone knows what he has given us"

Solari has ensured that the team is standing and faces with all the guarantees the match against Barcelona.

Barcelona or Ajax

"We are standing, wanting points and fate has wanted it to be the same rival, we face it with all the enthusiasm and spirit of the previous match, we have to think about the next game, it's the League Classic, we have to cut back points"

"This is what the calendar proposes to us: they are human beings and the work of the parties has its component, but they are all good".


"I like to look at all the positive things that football players do and Vinicius has many positive things, his youth, freshness, ability, his desire to learn, the pressure, I like to look at that, I would look at all those good things.


"He was injured for 18 days, he's been training for 4 or 5 for the group and he's doing well, in general, saving Marcos Llorente, we're almost all".

The lack of goal

"We made goals, we did not do in the last game, but in the previous ones we did, they had to enter some of the balls that did not enter, but this is soccer and that's it, we have another chance to enter all those that did not enter."

"We work on what is necessary and possible and we try to improve everything, the definition is important to work on and that is what we do".

What party do you expect?

"Every game is a world, the coaches raise things, but there is also the rival, we are good, we put all the effort in. We think about tomorrow's game, getting involved and with desire.

The goals they receive

"We were only shot twice on goal, that's positive, it's hard to say, but we did things well, this is what football has: scoring at the right time changes the games completely, but that's imagination and in football we work on reality.

Players out of focus

"They are still protagonists, Bale has played in every game since he came back from the injury, it is crucial, Marcelo knows what he means, Asensio has played 8 of 9 games and has also been a determining factor. We have all of them. "

Bale and the Bernabéu

"I do not have anything to say to the fans, they all know what Bale has given to this club, and then the fans express their respect and know what this squad has given".

A matchball

"All parties are, they are all equally important."


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