January 17, 2021

"Everyone behaves as they are"

"Everyone behaves as they are"

The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has asked for "apologies, once again", by the obscene gesture that he made last Wednesday when holding his pudendas to celebrate the first goal of the 2-0 victory against Juventus, in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

"You know I never look for excuses or justification, I want to apologize once again for what I did on game day, to people who have been offended by the gesture the other day, which clearly was a bad one expression of what I felt for my players, and at no time to Juventus, I communicate this to close the issue to the questions of each other, "said Simeone at a press conference.

Allegri, the coach of Juve, was also asked about what Simeone did: "Those are things that I should not judge, they are personal things. Everyone behaves as they are, "said the Italian coach

Simeone, meanwhile, did not enter into controversy because of Cristiano Ronaldo's statements. "I understand everything, I am part of this and I understand everything that can happen," he said briefly and without analyzing the 'hand' of the Portuguese striker, who reminded the Atleti fans that he has five Champions League titles while the colchoneros have not released that track record.

On the other hand, the colchonero coach played down the importance of the goals scored by Álvaro Morata. "If you have just arrived … Obviously you have everything ahead, we need your energy, your strength and keep insisting on the situations you have had," he said. "If you keep working the same way, things will appear naturally and the results will come. Obviously we need him, without a doubt, because he is strong, "added the Madrid striker, the new Atleti winter signing, meanwhile, the 'Cholo' showed concern for his impending league rival, Villarreal CF." We always look at the team , not the table of positions. Villarreal was always a complex, hard and difficult opponent. The coach has been able to change his drawing several times, "he said." Now they feel more confident, we will try to take the match where we are more comfortable and seek to continue growing from Wednesday's game, "concluded the coach of the mattresses.


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