Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

"Every time Darder scores they're golazos, that hit him more"

Borja Iglesias: “Cada vez que marca Darder son golazos, que le pegue más”

To the Spanish It cost him a lot to take the victory Montilivi. He needed courage and a dash of luck. Even though Borja Iglesias he lived the game with tranquility: "In the first part we hardly suffered, the team was serious. In the second half we were better, more comfortable and the goal gave us confidence ". Although he does acknowledge having run "a lot" to be a "very worked party." In fact it highlights that Darder I should hit him more, because "every time he scores he scores."

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Those of Ruby they did not win away from home since October. "We are very happy, we already had to win away from home. After so much time without winning we were not giving it too much importance, but it was important to do it already ". The descent is far away and even so "until you save yourself mathematically you can not say it but it is an important step". But it qualifies: "I prefer to work thinking about Europe that in another thing, when you think about big things is when they happen ". And then he points out that against Alavés "It will be a tough game, they are dangerous both at home and abroad."

The protagonist of the party, Sergi Darder, considers "just, necessary and deserved" the victory and at the same time believes that it will "give them a turning point". And, in the same vein as Borja Iglesias, he thinks of Europe "but being realistic". "The three points in a derby give air and we will fight to the end", settle.

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