Every party has to abide by the collective rules of operation

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has considered today, before the controversy for his proposal to open a debate on the independentistas fit or not in the Constitution, that "every party has to abide by the collective rules of operation" and also the Magna Carta, "even to want to change it".

García-Page has been asked, in an interview on the program "Al Rojo Vivo" of La Sexta, by critics of ERC and PDeCAT to the socialist barons who have been favorable to open a debate on whether the independence parties can fit or not in the Constitution and has considered that saying yes or no to the question of whether they should be outlawed "is very complex and acquires a thousand nuances."

In any case, has indicated that they would not be outlawed by the fact of being independent "nor in terms of the Constitution today," but added: "Every party has to abide by the collective rules of operation."

"When someone proclaims that their political objective is destabilization, the attack on the Constitution and the norms of law, although it benefits them with institutional public positions, it enters into an injustice that has to have a legal answer," he said. president castellanomanchego, who has admitted that he would like it not to be necessary, although he has warned: "We do not suck our fingers in the rest of Spain."

Given the influence that the Catalan conflict has had and the position of the central government in the Andalusian elections, Garcia-Page has pointed out that the problem of the independence movement "creeps into all the electoral programs" and has indicated that this issue has been able to focus the 80 percent of the debate in the Andalusian elections.

"Being legitimate, because the debate on independence is worrisome and it is normal for people to feel this way and the media speak out, what is certain is that it distorts Spanish political life," Garcia-Page has denounced.

He also admitted that independence has been one of the factors that have motivated the PSOE has lost the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía and has even considered that who does not want to understand it "is that you do not want to see it."

And before the question of whether it has been transferred to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, García-Page has pointed out that in recent days no, but that it is part of "a normal dialogue" and has affirmed that Sánchez "is clear that the independence challenge is the most obvious threat "to the constitutional system and political stability.

However, the president castellanomanchego has opted to act with common sense, without falling "under any threat or any blackmail" and has argued that who is most interested in defending the unity of Spain is not the right, but the left parties that they put "the equality of all Spaniards" before the interests of any particular group.


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