August 9, 2020

"Even if I was born in Moscow I know I would dance"

To speak of «Farruco» is to do it with dancing, with a flamenco lineage. Antonio Fernández Montoya, «Farru», grandson of the great «Farruco», belongs to the younger generation. For the fourth consecutive year he began touring with his show «Farrucos y Fernández», a Christmas and Flemish zambomba in which he embarked almost the whole family.

«Farru» has been on stage since he was two years old and has performed with artists such as Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Beyoncé, Björk or Marc Anthony. He has also made films and as a model he was photographed by Avedon and chosen by magazines such as «Vogue» or «Woman». This tour «Farrucos y Fernández» will take you through Tenerife, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Granada or Jerez, among others.

– Are there things that are carried in the blood?

– More than genetic is the family transmission, if I had been born in Moscow I would dance otherwise, but I would dance for sure. There are things that are inherited almost unintentionally, you get up, listen, see and absorb, even unconsciously.

–He had a good school

-Of the best. I do not presume anything, but of that.

–However, he sought his own territory.

– Yes, I am a restless heart that I have never satisfied with the diamond received, but I have wanted to polish it in my own way, I have always had concerns and I have looked for my story.

–And baby from other sources, not only from flamenco.

– I love other types of music and dance, I am very fond of ballet, Barýshnikov, Nureyev, Boca, just like Gene Kelly or Michael Jackson. I didn't study classical dance, but I'm interested and I've taken things from it.

– This show was born almost by chance, right?

– Yes, in Seville, they offered me a theater to do something that I wanted and I thought about the family, but not only with the professionals, but also with those who are flamenco at heart, but not by profession. I didn't convince everyone, but we're twenty-one on stage.

– And a flamenco zambomba came out.

-As it was Christmas I wanted to give an argument beyond the religious. There is a story and Christmas carols, mostly composed of me and some traditional. A gypsy Christmas through bulerías.

–It says that this show has magic, why?

– A lot, because it really is, it has been born very heart and that is its essence.

–And message.

– For us it is very important to transmit values, a message of love, twinning, affection and union, of forgiveness and that it is didactic for children, that they value the family and all this remains in the retina.

-Baila, sing, play, direct, compose, choreography … what is it?

– I am a dancer, but I consider myself a great fan of flamenco, I like to study and practice it. I always say that I am a frustrated guitarist because I like the guitar a lot and singing comes from my father.

–Your composer facet is less known

–I have been doing it for a long time, but the shadow allows me to express things that I cannot dance with personally, the artists live in a fictional world often separated from reality, we spend a lot of time alone, away from home, in Airplanes and writing makes you tell yourself things, reflect and that is very important.

– How is a birthday with Madonna?

– It was in Nice and she wanted flamenco. Camouflaged had seen me perform in Madrid and on his birthday he asked me to go. It was a secret and when they told me I couldn't believe it. In a moment Michael Jackson sounded and he took me out to dance. He was humble, not as a diva, he brought us food.

–And the photographic model.

–The artists are a bit chameleonic, I have done it and I continue sporadically. This and the cinema are a pending subject, two things that interest me a lot and I would like to resume, especially the cinema, but combining it with the tours is difficult.

–What is flamenco for you?

–A way of being, beyond music or dance, being flamenco is a condition.

– Can you conceive without passion?

– No, I could not because both go hand in hand. Flamenco is a culture, a way of being and feeling and passion and magic have to be present.

– Where does the magic come from?

-Of the truth. When something is expressed with much truth and goodness, with humility, magic, improvisation, the elf emerges. If you make a gesture and two thousand people say ole! at the same time, if that is not magic, may God come and see it.


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