February 27, 2021

Evacuation order for some 600,000 people due to heavy rains in Japan

The Japanese authorities ordered the evacuation of some 600,000 people in the southwestern city of Kagoshima today due to heavy rains that are punishing that region in recent days and that will intensify in the coming hours.

Kagoshima is located in a bay south of the island of Kyushu. In parts of the island have dropped 900 millimeters of water per square meter since last week, and only in the city of Kagoshima were 40 millimeters between 7 and 8 local time (22.00-23.00 GMT on Tuesday).

The Japan Meteorological Agency anticipates that until Thursday morning in the south of Kyushu about 350 millimeters of rain per square meter may fall, but in some areas of the region are expected up to 80 millimeters per hour.

The authorities fear that these precipitations cause avalanches of mud, reason why they ordered the evacuation of 600,000 people as of 9.35 local time (01.35 GMT), according to informed the Municipality of the city of Kagoshima.

"Compared with last year's rain, this year we see that the rain is going to be short-term, there is a possibility that the precipitations prevent the evacuation of people," the chief of forecasting at a press conference in Tokyo said. Weather from the Japan Meteorological Agency, Ryota Kurora.

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